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5 Life Lessons from Good Stories

What do you do when trapped listening to a bad story? Do you let your imagination wander? or take a short nap? Do you close off your mind? or go where the droning voice takes you? We all have coping mechanisms for such an occasion. But what do you do when your life feels like […]

5 Mistakes in Storytelling

We’ve all suffered through bad stories. At a regional meeting, a voice drones from stage. You look down at your watch. Seats creak under fidgeting limbs. There’s a near audible cry—When will this story end! Why did they give him the microphone? You curse the person in your mind. Then someone calls your name. As you walk to […]

What it will take to keep your New Year’s Resolution in 2015

The statistics are not encouraging. 92% of people fail to see their New Year’s Resolution through to the end. Most bow out before Valentine’s Day. What can you do to make it to December? Here’s what helps me. Focus Most resolutions fail before the apple even drops. Why? Because it is one more thing to […]

Why “Fake it till you make it” is bad for you and for the whole internet

Raise your hand if you want to fail? I don’t imagine many arms going up. Within all of us lives a desire to succeed, to win, to achieve, to accomplish our goals. However, there is an unintended side-effect to this natural impulse. The more you pursue success, the harder it is to achieve. There is a movement […]

Enjoy your obscurity, fame will most likely ruin your life

For about a decade, I was in a band. I played guitar, wrote music, and performed shows. My band mates were talented and creative—my wife was one of them. We made some good music. We thrilled a few crowds. But we never made it out of the shadow of obscurity. To some people we were […]

Maybe you should quit

We love to multitask. At work we manage a matrix of projects, partners, and priorities. At home we Skype with a friend while chatting with another, cooking dinner, and answering questions from the kids. We are expert jugglers and the world is our circus. No wonder we end up running around like clowns. Maybe we […]

Five Characteristics of High-Grit People

During the presidential campaign of 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest by a would-be assassin while leaving his hotel in Milwaukee. Before lodging in his chest, the bullet passed through Roosevelt’s metal eyeglass case and a 50-page speech folded in his breast pocket. When he did not start coughing up blood, Roosevelt concluded […]

A life of action (step out and start changing)

[This is the eight post in the series Plan2Change, about the possibility and process of personal growth. Check out parts  1,  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7] “A journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” Laozi Every journey, every project, every mission starts the same—the first step. A lift of the foot, the extension of the leg, […]

Three Facts about Gavrilo Princip (and Why it Matters Today)

On June 28, the world will remember a single event that affected nearly every person on earth. One hundred years ago, in Sarajevo, a nineteen year old University student pulled a trigger and propelled the world into war. June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand during his visit to Bosnia, then a part of […]

Gavrilo Princip, Weaponized History, and the Role of the Historian (Interview with award-winning author Tim Butcher on his new book “The Trigger”)

Tim Butcher is a former foreign correspondent with The Daily Telegraph who has reported from war zones around the globe—Kurdistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sarajevo. Five years ago he transitioned to writing books. His style blends history and travel into a compelling narrative. His new book The Trigger: Hunting the Assassin who Brought the World to War traces […]