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Adeline Paulina Irby. Ironically, one of her nicknames was Vesela (Cheerful)

Today I am (officially) launching my blog .  I hoping to keep this site updated over the next year with an assortment of information: updates about the book, my thoughts on Miss Irby, and observations on my hometown Sarajevo.  Although everything is not going to be about Miss Irby, I will mostly write about things that relate to the values she believed in and lived out.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

Once, while traveling through modern day Kosovo in the 1860s, Adeline met a woman named Katerina Simitic.  Katerina was widow, having outlived her husband and her children.  Yet, instead of giving up hope, Katerina started a school for girls in an area (and a time) where very few females could read and write.  Adeline’s response to Katerina was:

“It is impossible to say how refreshing it was to converse with a woman whose mind had grasped the idea of self-devotion for the general good.”

Katerina embodied the values that Adeline admired.  She was devoted to helping others.  In short, she loved her neighbor as she loved herself.

I hope that I can use this blog as a way to highlight people who are living out (or have lived out) these values.  Look for a series of posts entitled, Echoes of Adeline.  I also want to write about some of the people who worked with Miss Irby or supported her work.  We can learn a lot about someone by understanding their friends.  Watch for a series called, Miss Irby’s Friends.

Alongside writing about Miss Irby, I plan to right about current events here in Sarajevo. This is the city where Miss Irby spent 35 years of her life. This is the city where she is still buried.  This is a city she loved.

“Meeting” Miss Irby has challenged me in how I live my life.  Do I really love my neighbor as I love myself?  I want to share that challenge with you.  This blog is not simply informative, it is an open challenge to anyone who chooses to accept it. Adeline did.

We will also be lauching soon. For now, you can download the first chapter of the book at that address. (Bosnian coming soon)

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