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Coltrane, Coldplay, and the end of the week

I am in a celebratory mood, so I thought I would just play some music. My first full week of blogging is complete. Meeting Miss Irby is being printed as I type. Cue the band and warm up the instruments!

John Coltrane

If you come to my house and ask my 3-year-old Elijah what he wants to listen to he will either ask for “knight music” (usually a Braveheart theme) or John Coltrane. I bought my first Coltrane album a month ago and it has quickly made its way into our family rotation.

Enjoy some Tenor Madness . . .

Mat Kearney

We were in Nashville a number of years ago and had the opportunity to visit some people in the music industry. One of our stops was with a sound engineer who was one of the best in town.  He greeted us and showed us around his studio. I asked what he was working on. He walked over to his sound board and held up a cd marked with a sharpie.

“This is a new artist,” he said. “He has a strange spelling to his name, but he is going to be big.”

I have been paying attention to Mat Kearney ever since. His new album blows me away. Turn up your volume and enjoy . . .


As for future listening, I will be enjoying the new Coldplay album soon (when it finally comes out). Here is a new track from their next album.

Izzy’s Recommendation: BHTIMZASLAVLJENJE

Finally, my 5-year-old daughter’s favorite new music. She knows every word and intonation. A little Bosnian Church rock music . . .

Have a great weekend!

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