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September is Coming

For the past year and a half, September 2011 has held a magical place in my mind. It was the far off month that seemed like it would never come and, simultaneously, was coming too quickly. It is the month when all my work converges. It is the 100th anniversary of Miss Irby‘s death.

The past 48 hours I have been in planning meetings with some local colleagues. One of our topics of conversation was Miss Irby and the various events surround the anniversary of her death. As we discussed the plans, I was reminded just how exciting September is going to be. I want to share some of that excitement with you:

September 1 :: Meeting Miss Irby goes on sale in bookstores around Bosnia and Herzegovina. The printing is finished. I will probably pick up some copies tomorrow.

The release of the book should include opportunities for me to talk about Miss Irby in the media, as I have done already (English translation).

At that same time, we will launch a new website, in both English and Bosnian. My friend and colleague Jonathan has worked tirelessly on this project (with some Bosnian help from Djordje). The site will be the best place on the web for information about Miss Irby. There is also an Interactive Reading Experience where you can explore pictures, maps, newspaper clippings and extra information, chapter by chapter, as you read.

September 12-15 :: My friends and I will be handing out a free magazine about Miss Irby as a way to promote the anniversary celebration and the book. We will also be giving out free copies of Adeline’s favorite book, the Bible. We thought that would be the best way to honor her life.

September 15 :: On the evening of the anniversary we will hold a cultural event open to the public. We will have music, videos, and stories from Miss Irby’s life. Hopefully, we will fill the 300 seats in the auditorium.

When Adeline died, thousands of Bosnians came out to celebrate her life. We hope that our celebration, though smaller, will honor her, and the values she lived out, in the same way.




September is almost here!

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