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Tim Tebow and the Limits of the Human Mind

We, humans, love to understand things. We are always searching and researching for a complete knowledge of everything from flowers to football. Some have even claimed that the human mind can, in fact, come to such a knowledge. The ancient materialists claimed just that as do many modern scientists.  But, inevitably, something comes along that confounds and astounds us.  Right now, Tim Tebow, is one of those things.

Forgive me for mixing philosophy and football, but it is all right there on the surface. Today I saw an NFL commentator quote the Bible to explain the recent success of the Denver Broncos.

Tim Tebow was never supposed to succeed as an NFL quarterback. His style of play – hard running and inaccurate passing – would not survive the rigors of an NFL season. Yet, in six games as a starting quarterback, he has won five and turned a basement team into a playoff contender. After each victory, the commentators echoe, “Good win but it won’t last . . . That is not real football . . . He has no future in the league.” Tim Tebow continues to win.

Last night, the Broncos won their fourth straight game and fifth out of six. Tim Tebow 5, detractors 1.

During a discussion of the Denver defense, NFL Gameday commentator Michael Irvin seemed to awaken to the limits of his understanding. He reverted to quoting the Bible to explain the Tebow phenomenon, “I read in the Bible, He uses the the foolish things to confound the wise . ..” (start at 2:10 in the video below)

Perhaps Tim Tebow can help all realize that there are some things that we just can’t understand on our own.

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