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Live from Sarajevo

Mrs. Irby meets Miss Irby

My wife, Taylor, has a guest post today on a friend’s blog. You should check it out. Mrs. Irby meeting Miss Irby.


“Did we make a wrong choice?” The thought rushed through my mind like a waterfall. I looked out the window of our rental car at the rugged Bosnian countryside. Three weeks after moving from the States and the honeymoon period was over. I remember the tears streaming down my cheeks. {Read more here}


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  • Jenny Blake

    Hi Josh and Taylor,
    I am emailing from Southampton, UK, home to a Premiership football (soccer) and from where the Titanic sailed. I really enjoyed Josh’s book on Miss Irby. I’ve read it three times. I am hoping to speak at my women’s Bible Group after I have been to Sarajevo with Oak Hall in August and we hope to meet you – you probably know my good friend Andy Mayo. I have written a review for others who are going on that trip. I like Arthur Evans note about the swineherd, but I loved all the book.
    May the Lord continue to bless you all.
    Jenny Blake
    Southampton, UK

    • Josh

      Wow, thanks Jenny. Check your email…