Josh Irby

Live from Sarajevo

Vote TODAY for . . .

Today is the big day—the day all the political ads and posturing will end (at least for a year). Millions in America are going to the polls to choose a president. If you believe the media, this is the biggest election in over a hundred years. The votes cast today, will send the United States in one of two directions, to one of two futures. Today, you decide.

However, your vote for Romney or Obama is not your most significant choice today. Yes, our new president will affect your life with his policies and decisions. But there is another choice that will have a greater impact on your life.

How will you vote?

Today you will vote to face your day with courage, or run from adversity.

Today you will vote to work towards your dreams, or fall victim to fear.

Today you will vote to love your neighbor as you love yourself, or sink into selfishness.

Today you will vote to build towards long-term success, or take a fatal shortcut.

Today you will vote to face your weaknesses with honesty, or hide them under a mask.

Today you will vote to use your strengths for the good of others, or squander them in indecision.

Today you will vote not with a ballot,

but with your hands,

your feet,

your eyes,

your heart,

your mind.


vote for LIFE,

vote for LOVE,

vote for FAITH,

vote for HOPE,

vote for PURPOSE.

This vote will lead you in one of two directions and to one of two futures.

This vote is the most important one you can cast today.



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