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Live from Sarajevo

bosnian kids

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  • Abby Herbert

    Hi Josh,
    Do you have an email address that I can use to contact you? I couldn’t spot one on your website.

    I would like to speak to you about using the photo above on a website I am building. The website is for a charity called ‘Future for Families’ and it is based in Sarajevo and run by Jennifer Stone-Wigg (MBE). I am moving out to Sarajevo in April to work for the charity and intend to take some new photos then, but until that point my access to high res images is quite limited.

    It would be great to speak to you about this and about Sarajevo in general, as it is quite a jump into the unknown for me and my partner! Feel free to drop me an email – abbyherbert at hot- (I’ve scrambled it a bit so the spam bots don’t get it).

    Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

    Best wishes,