Josh Irby

Live from Sarajevo

Monday Motivation: Winston Churchill

Last week I mentioned Winston Churchill, the great leader of Britain during World War II. He faced unmeasurable odds and an unrelenting enemy. Yet he held strong to his convictions.

This week, as I face adversity and fight the pull of resistance in my life, I hope to do so with some of the same courage and focus seen in his life.

Never give up. Fight on. Your cause is worth it.

We cannot tell what the course of this war will be . . . we know it will be hard, we expect it will be long, we cannot predict or measure its episodes or tribulations. But one thing is certain, one things is sure, one thing stands out stark and undeniable, massive and unassailable for all the world to see . . . This is the message: Lift up your hearts, all will come right, out of the depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind.

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