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Monday Motivation: Tin Tin

This week I watched “The Adventures of Tin Tin” with my son. The plot unfolds like an animated Indiana Jones. Teenage reporter Tin Tin is helping the tragically drunken Captain Haddock recover the long lost gold of his ancestor, also Captain Haddock. In this scene, the trail runs cold. All seems lost. Even the intrepid Tin Tin is hopeless.

At this moment, Haddock, awakened from his inebriated stupor, speaks words we all need to hear. I hope they provide a good start to your week.

There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure . . . don’t you ever say it of yourself.  When you care about something you fight for it.  When you hit a wall, you push through it.  There is something you need to know about failure Tin Tin . . . you can never let it defeat you.

(The video clip lacks the final words. Feel free to say them out loud to yourself.)

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