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Monday Motivation: The Hobbit

“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there.” – Gandalf

Sometimes, I feel like Bilbo Baggins. My life is fine the way it is. I don’t want to change. I can read about the world, why should I take any risks going out into it.

That’s when I need someone like Gandalf.

I could write an essay about the opening scene of the Hobbit. Adventure comes knocking and poor Bilbo is dragged into a story far bigger than he ever imagined. He is rightfully afraid—the journey is dangerous—but he steps into the story even when he wants to run away. He will never be the same again.

Sort of like life.

What adventure is knocking at your door this week? Will you answer its call?


If you have any motivating movie clips or videos , send them my way (in the form below). I will give you a shout out when I use them in later Monday Motivations.

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