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Live from Sarajevo

Monday Motivation: With a Piece of Chalk

This week, I am not going to say anything profound before you watch the clip. I want you to see it with a clear mind.  Afterwards, however, I want to hear from you.


What message do you get from this film?
Is it motivating or demotivating?
Let the discussion begin.


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  • very interesting… here’s one message idea: don’t listen to what other people say about you, you have value, uniqueness, and a gift to offer the world that can only come from you

    • Josh

      I like it.

  • Lynn

    made me think about inner strength from God during times of adversity

    • Josh

      He needed strength to keep doing his thing while others mocked him.

  • Ganaa

    Inspiring. I love that. Never give up no matter what other says about you. It motivates me keep running! Yesterday I run 42 minutes first time in my life. I was motivated by your tempt of one hour run. I will try that so soon. Thanks Josh, your posts are really motivates.

    • Josh

      Way to go Ganaa! Hope everything is well in Mongolia.