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Monday Motivation: David Blaine

20130610-130546.jpgThis guy has grit.

Maybe you know David Blaine from his illusions—card tricks, levitation, magical feats—but over the past 10 years he has done more than pretend. In one of his recent super-human experiments, he stayed underwater for 17 minutes on national television.

I mention this because of what it took him to succeed—consistent hard work. In this talk at a TED Medical event, he describes the process.

Take note of:
• How he used failure to his advantage.
• How he focused all his energy on the goal at hand.
• How he pushed through the urge to quit.

After watching this clip I went on an hour-long run. I hope it gives you a burst of motivation and energy too.



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  • Brittney Cardon

    “Yo, D! If you really held your breath for that long, why did you come out of the water dry?” He seems a little out of it throughout this speech, am I just imagining that? I wonder if he really had any permanent brain damage. I don’t think most people should put their bodies through that kind of stress. At the same time, it is really touching how much it means to him to push his limits and succeed. And he cried at the end :). Do you ever hold your breath when you see someone else under water on TV? I’m curious if I’m the only one that does that.

    • Josh

      I read something interesting about his talk. He is intensely afraid of public speaking—especially in front of the folks at TED. He saw this talk as one of his biggest feats.

      O, and, he always talks like that.