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Interview with Jeff Goins, Author of “The In-Between”

If you are like me, you rush through life flying from major event to major event. You measure life in milestones: countries visited, babies born, projects completed, goals reached. Most days, you are impatiently longing for the next big thing.

But what if those times of waiting—those in-between times—are life?


This past week I read an advance copy of Jeff Goins new book, The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. His book is a clear, timely challenge to our multi-tasking, instant gratification generation.

Yesterday, I spoke with Jeff via Skype. I recorded our conversation to share it with you. Below you will find the best 17 minutes of our chat.

Some of the questions I ask Jeff:

  • Why is waiting so difficult?
  • How has becoming a father affected your appreciation of the in-between moments?
  • How can we get the most out of life’s in-between time?

Some quotable moments:

  • It’s not just enough to have experiences, you have to be willing to commit to a cause.

  • Maybe all this stuff I am rushing through—this in-between—is the good stuff.

  • We have this idea, “If I had more time I would get everything done.” But the truth is, we will never get everything done. We live in this not-yet space. These pauses in our life help us remember to enjoy the journey, because it is all a journey.

  • When I get everything I want all at once, I don’t really enjoy it as much as when I wait for it, long for it.

  • Life is a series of in-between moments. You can resent them or relish them. (tweet that?)

Enjoy the interview and check out my in-between moment from yesterday.

What are you waiting for? What are you learning?

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