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Interview with Jeff Goins, Author of “The In-Between”

If you are like me, you rush through life flying from major event to major event. You measure life in milestones: countries visited, babies born, projects completed, goals reached. Most days, you are impatiently longing for the next big thing.

But what if those times of waiting—those in-between times—are life?


This past week I read an advance copy of Jeff Goins new book, The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. His book is a clear, timely challenge to our multi-tasking, instant gratification generation.

Yesterday, I spoke with Jeff via Skype. I recorded our conversation to share it with you. Below you will find the best 17 minutes of our chat.

Some of the questions I ask Jeff:

  • Why is waiting so difficult?
  • How has becoming a father affected your appreciation of the in-between moments?
  • How can we get the most out of life’s in-between time?

Some quotable moments:

  • It’s not just enough to have experiences, you have to be willing to commit to a cause.

  • Maybe all this stuff I am rushing through—this in-between—is the good stuff.

  • We have this idea, “If I had more time I would get everything done.” But the truth is, we will never get everything done. We live in this not-yet space. These pauses in our life help us remember to enjoy the journey, because it is all a journey.

  • When I get everything I want all at once, I don’t really enjoy it as much as when I wait for it, long for it.

  • Life is a series of in-between moments. You can resent them or relish them. (tweet that?)

Enjoy the interview and check out my in-between moment from yesterday.

What are you waiting for? What are you learning?

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  • Excellent job, Josh. Loved the interview and the relaxed style you had.

    • Josh

      Thanks Anne. It was my first interview for the blog and I look forward to doing more.

  • Ian

    Josh – wow, you’re a natural at this. Amazing this is your first interview on the blog. Challenging questions & good dialogue with Jeff.

    Congratulations.. Ian

    • Josh

      Thanks Ian. It always help to be interviewing someone who has something to say.

  • I know this is true. I’ve reflected many times on something, some object, that I’ve wanted badly. I’ll think about it, obsess about it, that I *don’t* have it. When I finally do get that thing, it’s as if a fever has left me. I might use it/play with it a few times, but after awhile (a short time, honestly), I don’t have the desire I had then because I actually obtained the object. Having something isn’t as “passionate” as the wanting of said thing. We usually want what we don’t have….

    This happens to me with music. I’ll want an album/CD really bad. When I finally get it, I listen for a few months, then it’s onto the next one to obtain.

    • Josh

      I do that with music also. Technology as well. I hate that cycle.

      You know a thing or two about waiting with your adoption process. I have loved following along!