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A Letter Addressed to You

What if . . .

What if one morning you stumble bleary-eyed to the end of your driveway, steaming coffee mug in hand?

What if, as you stoop to pick up the damp paper, you notice that the mailbox is open?

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What if, as you draw near to investigate, you discover a red envelope sticking out of the opening?

What if, after rubbing your eyes and turning the letter over in your hands, you find your name written across the front?

What if, after wondering who delivers mail in the middle of the night, you slip your finger under the crease and gently tear it open?

What if, from inside the red envelope you withdraw a letter addressed to you from the rest of the world?

What if, upon reading this letter from the rest of the world, you discover the world is not doing so well and is asking for your help because it needs what you have to offer?

What then?

Well, I guess you could ignore the rest of the world and toss the letter into the stack of credit card offers on your desk.

Or, you could think, “I should do something about that,” like you do while watching the evening news but then move on with your life.

Or, you could decide and act.

What would you do?

A letter for you

Well, I have just that kind of letter for you. It is from the rest of the world. It has your name on it. I have the privilege of delivering it.

The question now is: once you read it, what will you do about it.

Click here for a FREE download of the beautifully designed PDF (thank you Joseph BarbierAn Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.


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