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Open Letter Challenge [Writing Contest]

The Rest of the World wrote you a letter. It was a call for help. In it they challenged you:

“Don’t cheat us our of your story. If you’re not living a better story, there is no one to take your place. Our puzzle will forever be without the you-shaped piece.”

The time has come to write back.

[box]A big thanks to the almost 50 bloggers who took the Open Letter Challenge. While I am no longer accepting entries for the writing contest, you can still take the challenge. Post an answer to the Open Letter on your blog and add the link the comments below.

And check out the rest of entries at the end of this post. [/box]


Join the Open Letter Challenge

Inspiration without action dulls our senses and inoculates us. (tweet that?) That’s not what this blog is about. You have a story to tell with your life. A beautiful, better story. If you don’t live it out, you are not just hurting yourself, you are depriving the rest of the world.

Now is the time for action.

For the past decade I’ve carried a black, 8.5″x5.5″ sketchbook with me wherever I go. In it I write goals, dreams, failures, and lessons learned. I go through 216 pages a year.

I do this because there is power in declaring your intentions. It clarifies your obstacles. It reveals your weaknesses. It focuses your efforts.

That’s what the Open Letter Challenge is all about. It’s an opportunity to write out your response to the world’s request and, in doing so, clarify your role in this great big world.

The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Done on this Blog

The Open Letter Challenge is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done on this blog. That means I putting energy and resources behind it. In other words, there will be prizes.

Every entrant will be listed on my blog with a link to their blog.

The top ten entries will have their letter read by our celebrity judges (see below).

The top five entries will win a limited edition, handmade physical copy of An Open Letter. When I say “limited edition” I mean it. We probably won’t make more than 10. Those top five will also run as guest posts on my blog.

In addition to the above prizes, the top three letters will also receive an Amazon gift card: 1st $50, 2nd $35, and 3rd $20.

The challenge runs from today until October 1st. So, get busy writing. I will announce the winners via a blog post in mid-October.

Celebrity Judges

Four celebrity judges are generously giving their time for this contest. (I am really excited about this part) The judges are:

Jeff Goins, and author of The In-Between
Bryan Hutchinson, and author of Happy Every Day
Katie Orr, and coordinator of HelloMornings
Joe Bunting, and

Entry Process

1. Download and read An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.

2. Write your response to An Open Letter and post it on your blog. Entries must be less than 600 words.

3. Consider starting your blog entry with:
“I am participating in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest organized by Josh Irby. The following letter is my response to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.”
You can put it in your own words, but include the link. Also, feel free to download and use the photos in this post.

4. Paste the link to your blog entry in the comments below. This is your official entry.

What I Hope to Accomplish

This is more than a writing contest, this is a call to action. The world is waiting for your response. They are waiting for your story. You have a specific role to play.

Ready. Set. Go.

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