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Live from Sarajevo

Your Time is Now

[I wrote this letter for a project we are doing with university students in Sarajevo. Reading back through it, I realized it is relevant around the world and maybe even to you.]


Dear College Freshman,

Your time is now.

Time to learn.
Time to grow.
Time to discover who you are and what you offer to the world.

This time is full of hope and full of dreams.

Your time is now.
The future begins today.

This time is not just about information but knowledge. Recognize your limits and fill the voids.

Ask questions.
Question answers.
Dream dreams.
Pursue those dreams.
Work hard.
But have fun doing it .

Your time is now.
Take hold of it.

But, be warned, there are those who want to crush this hope and turn those dreams to nightmares.

They want you the believe:
You are not free.
You have nothing to offer.
You will never amount to anything.

Their tactics are subtle. They will try to
Manipulate you,
Control you,
Discourage you,
Limit you.

I am warning you because I don’t want your time to slip away. Don’t let them win. But also, don’t blame them for your failure.

When you blame others for your reality you are giving away your power to change it. Take responsibility. Start moving in the direction of where you want to end up. Don’t run from problems. Run towards them.

This takes courage. But courage is a muscle you can build. Practice courage and become courageous.

Push yourself. Don’t assume you can only do what you’ve done before. Try new things. Who knows what you’re capable of?

Perhaps you are dreaming too small. There is no limit to who and what you can become. Only the limit you set for yourself.

When it gets hard, don’t quit. Keep going. Difficulty is a sign you are heading the right direction.

You are not perfect. In fact, you are far from it. But even in your weaknesses you will find a doorway to hope.

It is in the night that stars shine brightest.

Your time is now. Take hold of it. Welcome to your future.

You can’t do this alone. Find a community heading where you want to go. Find a place to belong.

Where you can truly be yourself.
Where you can discover who you are.
Where you are accepted but challenged to grow into someone better.

Don’t get on a train if you don’t like the destination.

Discover what you believe about
The world,

Then believe it and let that belief affect all aspects of your life.

Don’t trade your choice for anything. This is your life. Live it.  But live it for something higher and bigger than yourself.

Today determines your future.
Your time is now.

What will you do with it?

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