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I Don’t Believe in Myself

I don’t believe in myself.

But I do believe.

Photo Credit Jennifer (Creative Commons)

Photo Credit Jennifer (Creative Commons)

I believe I was created with specific gifts and talents—a unique mix not found anywhere else.

I believe I was made to do great things.

To inspire people.
To speak hope in the world.
To use my unique personality to the fullest.
To create.
To organize.
To name.
To leave the world better than I found it.

I believe I was made to make a difference.

However, I believe the world is not as it should be.

Beauty is scarred.
Order is scattered.
Life is broken.

I believe that I am broken too. My purpose and gifts are buried beneath


I believe without help I am doomed to a life of purposeless, self-serving, despair.

I don’t believe in myself because I am not as I should be.

But, I believe this is only the beginning of the story.

I believe I am part of a bigger story—one in which I am not the main character. I find comfort in this. It means I am not alone.

I believe the Author of this story,
the One who intricately created my role,
the One who sees the creases in my character,
the One who deeply mourns my distress,
has a master plan.

I believe He is not satisfied with exterior changes to my behavior. He aims at the heart.

I believe He is so determined to rescue me from my destructive path He invaded space and time. He became like me in every way—
except for one. He was not crushed beneath the weight of despair. He walked unbroken among the brokenness. Then he allowed broken people to break him so the shattered could be restored. So I could be restored.

I don’t believe in myself.
I believe in this God-man—this person—Jesus.

I believe in God’s reclamation project of mankind in which what once was valuable and then tarnished is now recovered and redeemed.

I believe he is remaking the world as it should be.

I believe this re-creation removes the traditional barriers and limitations. Life can be wide and deep.

I believe I am not yet who I will be, but I am no longer who I used to be. The reclamation is not complete but it has begun. I feel it in my chest. I see it in my choices.

I believe winter is drawing to a close and dreams long lost in hibernation are awakening. Pure passions are tossing back the covers. Gifts are unfolding like spring flowers. My true person is pushing up through the dirt, stretching towards the sun.

I believe my best days are before me. But, not because of a faith anchored in
or work-ethic.

It has little to do with me.
I don’t believe in myself.

I believe in God.
I believe He is working in my life.

And that is enough.

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