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Monday Motivation: Curly’s Secret

City Slickers movie image Jack PalanceWhat is the secret of life? What is the secret to happiness?

In the West, most live like the secret is one word—more. More money. More possessions. More friends. More success. More power. More influence.

In the 1991 film City Slickers, Mitch (Billy Chrystal) and his friends leave the city on a two-week vacation to drive cattle across the western plains. Their guide, Curly, not only teaches them the cowboy life, but also his secret to a happy life.

Spoiler Alert: It is not more. In fact, it is just one thing.

What is your one thing?

About Josh

  • My one thing is writing words that make a difference.

    Thanks for the reminder of two things.

    1) that I need to stay focused on that.
    2) that it’s about time to see City Slickers again.

    • Josh

      Great. Keep writing!

  • That movie is a classic. I have it on DVD. Every time I feel that life is doomed for me, I watch it. Pulls me out of the dumps every time.

    • Josh