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Black Friday vs. Good Friday

Last week, Black Friday pandemonium was unleashed in stores throughout the United States. Before the turkey of gratitude fully digested, shoppers fought over discounted flat screens and blue ray players. (Check out some of these scenes from Wal-mart.)

And so begins the “Christmas season.”

11115351463_f516ba7324_zAs I watched videos of panicked shoppers elbowing their way through aisles stacked high with luxuries, I could not help but compare this blackest of Friday’s with another one. Good Friday.

Here are my thoughts:

Black Friday is a day of “freedom” and indulgence and yet we call it black.
Good Friday is a day of death and suffering and yet we call it good.

On Black Friday shoppers accrue huge credit card bills.
On Good Friday our greatest bill was paid for us.

On Black Friday we take.
On Good Friday we receive.

Black Friday is a day when the nature of man blooms with selfishness and greed.
Good Friday is a day when the nature of God blooms with sacrifice and love.

On Black Friday we injure (and sometimes kill) our neighbor to get what we want.
On Good Friday our only innocent neighbor was injured and killed so we could get what we need.

Black Friday leads to deeper levels of slavery.
Good Friday leads to deeper levels of freedom.

The spirit of Black Friday will eventually lead to the destruction of society.
The spirit of Good Friday will lead to the establishment of a new society.

This Christmas season, I want to remember the child born not because we needed more things, but because we needed him. We needed someone to rescue us from our soul-crushing habits. We needed someone to set us free from our Black Friday hearts. We needed someone to pay the debt we could not afford.

This Christmas season I want to remember a child who was born in a manger, who died on a cross one Good Friday thirty years later, and rose to life three days after that.

I want to remember Good Friday instead of Black Friday, because I don’t need another sale, I need a savior. (tweet that?)

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