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An Open Letter to You (Free Download)

“It’s a pep talk in a pdf, a fistbump in a file. These 600 words will grab you by the collar, lift you up, dust off your discouragement and motivate you to go make something happen, because we need you.”

Kat Lee, Inspired to Action

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“Ever wondered what it takes to live a remarkable life that inspires others? Josh Irby tells you how in this poignant reminder that the world needs what you have to offer.”

Jeff Goins, Author, The In-Between

“There will be days when you’re feeling hopeless, disillusioned, and beat down. Those are the days to read and re-read Josh Irby’s ‘An Open Letter To You’. It’s motivating, inspiring, and life giving. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Justin Zoradi, Author, Doing Work that Matters

An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World is a visually enticing, 600-word kick in the pants. Designed (by my friend Joseph Barbier) in a way that forces you to linger over each word, this letter to you is meant to inspire action.

“Go for it. We need you to. Because, if you’re not living a better story, there is no one to take your place.”

The Rest of the World

Join the growing tribe here at JoshIrby[dot]com and download the PDF for free.


[box] During September, 40 bloggers took part in the Open Letter Challenge. Read the letters they wrote to the Rest of the World here. If they inspire you, you can write back too![/box]

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“Brilliant, amazing, challenging, innovative, inspiring”

James Prescott,

“This is Awesome!”

Josh Collins,

“Read this. Change your world.”

Chris Morris,

“Give life, share your story.”

Troy McLaughlin,

“Live a better story.”

Pamela Fernuik Hodges,

“Very inspirational! Live your story!”

Daniel Hungarter,

“Incredible message and visuals!”

Kent Faver

“I love it!”

Bryan Hutchinson,

“Six hundred life-changing words.”

Brenda L. Strohbehn,

“Alright, let’s go do this!”

Paul O’Rear,

“A colorful explosion of encouragement!”

Kathleen Caron, {full of life} soul food

“Enchanting. Refreshing. Challenging. Thank you.”

 M. R. Johnson,

“Compelling! The world needs you!”

Racquel Narciso,

“Get pumped to dream again!”

Dave Wonders,

“Large message in few words.”

Dea Irby,

“Be the change.”

Renee Baude,

“Colorful. Demanding. Inspiring. Arresting. Forceful.”

Lucie, Winborne,

“An inspiring spark in the darkness.”

Bogdan Dobrita,

“A life altering experience.”

Kathryn Jackson,

“Do It! Amazing. Inspiring. Visual.”

La McCoy

“Roller coaster adrenaline with words!”

Mike Loomis, MikeLoomis.CO

“Let’s change the world together!”

Paula Lawes,

“Why the world needs your story.”

Katie Orr,