Josh Irby

Live from Sarajevo

Monday Motivation: Teddy Roosevelt and Friends

When life feels like a battle, don’t be surprised. You are in good company. Whether you are writing a book, making a movie, leading a nation, fighting slavery (as the following men were) or simply trying to raise children of character, everyone who strives to do work that matters will face opposition. I hope these […]

Monday Motivation: Curly’s Secret

What is the secret of life? What is the secret to happiness? In the West, most live like the secret is one word—more. More money. More possessions. More friends. More success. More power. More influence. In the 1991 film City Slickers, Mitch (Billy Chrystal) and his friends leave the city on a two-week vacation to drive […]

Monday Motivation: Coach Carter

Coach Carter believes in the young men on his basketball team even more than they believe in themselves. All he wants for them is a better life. And he is willing to fight with them and for them to insure they get it. After inheriting a disorganized and defeated basketball team, Coach Carter brings order […]

Monday Motivation: TrueMove

The choices you make this week matter. They will echo for decades. A surprisingly meaningful video from a Telecom company in Thailand. Have a great week!   nonopro

Monday Motivation: Ira Glass

This week’s motivation is for the Creative’s out there. Ira Glass, host and creator of This American Life, clearly explains why art can be so frustrating. And, why those with the most discerning eye often fail to create. I hope this helps you push through the creative gap this week. I can’t wait to see […]

Tuesday Motivation: The Traveler

Monday Motivation is late this week. I spent the weekend traveling from the U.S. back to Sarajevo. In honor of our return to Bosnia, this week’s inspiration comes in the form of travel quotes (courtesy of Rough Guides, check them out). Most likely you aren’t traveling this week—you are waking up and going to work. […]

Monday Motivation: We Are Marshall

Coach Jack Lengyel has less than six months to rebuild the football program at Marshall University for the 1971 season. On November 14, 1970, a charter plane carrying the coaching staff and most of the team crashed, killing all on board. If Coach Lengyel succeeds in fielding a football team, he will do more than […]

Monday Motivation: Elizabethtown

Drew, a shoe designer, is ready to end his life after costing his company one billion dollars. However, a call from his sister interrupts his plans. His father has just passed away and he must return to his hometown. There, in Elizabethtown with the help of a flight attendant named Claire, he faces his failure […]

Monday Motivation: Mr. Motivation

Most Mondays I send out a movie clip I find motivational. This week, I am trying something different. You can call it a pep talk or a pre-game speech for your week. This comes courtesy of Mr. Motivation, a fictional person who lives in the recesses of my mind. I am not sure exactly what […]

Monday Motivation: The Office

A few months ago when The Office concluded its nine year run, my wife and I felt a sense of loss. Maybe that seems strange, but we have never been married without The Office. Plus, we always suspected the show was about more than a little humor. In the final scene of the finale, Jim […]