Josh Irby

Live from Sarajevo

Monday Motivation: Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond was a 400 meter sprinter for Great Britain in the 1992 Olympics. Plagued by injury throughout his career, Derek was at last healthy for the Olympics and projected to win a medal for his country. However, during his semifinal heat, a searing pain in his right quad brought him to his knees. Here […]

Monday Motivation: David Blaine

This guy has grit. Maybe you know David Blaine from his illusions—card tricks, levitation, magical feats—but over the past 10 years he has done more than pretend. In one of his recent super-human experiments, he stayed underwater for 17 minutes on national television. I mention this because of what it took him to succeed—consistent hard […]

Monday Motivation: With a Piece of Chalk

This week, I am not going to say anything profound before you watch the clip. I want you to see it with a clear mind.  Afterwards, however, I want to hear from you.   What message do you get from this film? Is it motivating or demotivating? Let the discussion begin.   yohimbe for sale

Monday Motivation: David Foster Wallace

There is more than one kind of motivation.  One type tries to encourage you by pretending everything is better than it really is. The other (in my opinion, better) type is honest about reality, but hopeful in the face of challenges. In 2005, writer David Foster Wallace addressed the graduating class of Kenyon College in […]

Monday Motivation: Eric Liddell

This weekend I watched two films about Eric Liddell, an Olympic sprinter known as the the Flying Scotsman. Born in China to missionaries, he was a devout Christian. He was scheduled to run the 100 meter for the United Kingdom at the 1924 Paris Olympics, but refused to run because the qualifying heat was on […]

Monday Motivation: Gandalf

We don’t choose the time we live in, or the circumstances surrounding us. Reality forces itself upon us. However, we can choose how we react to it. Like many around the world, I have been glued to news coverage of the Boston bombings. It is a horrific tragedy. One scene, however, stands out above the […]

Monday Motivation: Nebraska Football

The Nebraska Corhuskers‘ defense looked sluggish in their spring scrimmage last week. In fact, during the longest touchdown run of the game, they seemed completely disinterested in making a tackle. Or perhaps the new running back was just too fast. Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez took the snap and handed off to 7-year-old Jack Hoffman.  Jack, […]

Monday Motivation: Jim Valvano

On March 4, 1993, Jim Valvano, legendary NC State basketball coach, gave what might be the greatest speech in sports history. Riddled with tumors and in the midst of an eight month battle with cancer, he addressed a packed auditorium at the ESPN awards ceremony. His message was simple, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give […]

Monday Motivation: Landfill Harmonic

“The world sends us garbage; we send back music.” Favio Chavez, Orchestra Director This Paraguayan village located next to a landfill is an unlikely place for a children’s orchestra. A real viloin here is worth more than a house. But it is home to the Landfill Orchestra. The resourceful villagers of Catuera figured out how […]

Tuesday Motivation: Rocky

This week’s motivation is a day late. Yesterday was “Man Day” with my son and my brother on a snowy mountain outside of the city. Speaking of men . . . How was your Monday? Perhaps you feel like this? Well, as the great Philadelphia Philosopher taught us, it is not whether you get knocked down that […]