Josh Irby

Live from Sarajevo

Abide with Me

One more hymn this week. This song was also sung in Miss Irby’s Sarajevo school. In 1844, Henry Lyte, the pastor of a church in a small English fishing town, was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. His health quickly deteriorated so that 3 years later, at 54, he delivered his farewell sermon to the church. That afternoon, […]

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is an old English hymn that was translated and sung in Miss Irby’s school in Sarajevo. Many of her students had experienced refugee life during the uprising of 1875-79. I imagine them finding great hope in the words. Hopefully, this song will be sung at the commemoration service for Miss Irby on […]

Hello from Jajce

For the next couple of days I will be hanging out in Jajce, a beautiful mountain town in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here are a few pictures of what I am looking forward to . . . Every place I turn in Bosnia I find natural beauty. I look forward to reporting on what I find! […]

English edition now available in Sarajevo

  A book full of intrigue . . . . . . humor . . . Buy two. You can even share one with a friend. Enjoyed by men and women alike . . .   . . . and even unborn children. Now available for purchase at Sahinpasic bookstore in Sarajevo and in bookstores […]

Steve Jobs and the Purpose of Life

During the past 24 hours some big news hit the business world. Steve Jobs, CEO of the most successful technology firm in the world and the maker of my computer, is retiring. In the tech world, this is a big deal. Jobs originally built Apple out of his parents garage and has seen it through […]

September is Coming

For the past year and a half, September 2011 has held a magical place in my mind. It was the far off month that seemed like it would never come and, simultaneously, was coming too quickly. It is the month when all my work converges. It is the 100th anniversary of Miss Irby‘s death. The […]

Tiger Woods and the unpredictability of life

The world used to be more predictable. Especially on Sunday afternoons. The fall of 2006, when my daughter Izzy was only a newborn, we spent Sunday afternoons on the couch in our basement watching sports. She was too small to sit up on her own, so I tucked her into the corner cushions of the […]

An Extraordinary List

A week ago I had the privilege of speaking at a church here in Sarajevo. We talked about this list and how these things begin to show up in our lives. I thought it might be a good way to start the week. Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control.   For each […]

Coltrane, Coldplay, and the end of the week

I am in a celebratory mood, so I thought I would just play some music. My first full week of blogging is complete. Meeting Miss Irby is being printed as I type. Cue the band and warm up the instruments! John Coltrane If you come to my house and ask my 3-year-old Elijah what he wants to […]

Echoes of Adeline: Second Step … Do Something

Echoes of Adeline will be a weekly series in which I will highlight a person or organization whose actions remind me of Miss Irby, her values, or her life. When we left off yesterday, Anesa was angry because the schools in Slovenia would not let the Bosnian refugee children attend.  She decided that something must be done. […]