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Open Letter

“It’s a pep talk in a pdf, a fistbump in a file. These 600 words will grab you by the collar, lift you up, dust off your discouragement and motivate you to go make something happen, because we need you.”

Kat Lee, Inspired to Action


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When Santa Came for Dinner

This short e-book is the true story of my young family’s encounter with a mall Santa during Christmas 2008. Not only did he come for dinner, he lived with us for three weeks. I hope it adds meaning and purpose to your Christmas season.


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True Grit’s Guide

What starts as an interview with a rough cowboy named True Grit becomes a life-threatening and life-changing adventure. Instead of defining or explaining the importance of Grit in life, spend an afternoon with True Grit himself. This short story will clarify the Five Key Ways people with Grit approach life and the world.