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The Focus of this Blog

We were made for an important work

Each one of us has a unique and important work to do. Our Creator God has designed us to mirror his creativity here on this broken earth—to focus all of our energy on the work He has for us.

Real happiness comes when we are vitally connected to our Creator and dynamically focused on what He created us to do.

So we search for that work. Maybe to:

Open a business
Write a book
Start a movement
Invest in others
Paint, sing, create
Love, sacrifice, give
Transform families
Change cities
Impact nations

We launch out with clear eyes, full hearts, and blind ambition. Then it gets hard. Real hard. Our vision fogs. We think about quitting. Some of us do.

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Every important work will be hard work

We live in a world of instant gratification. Microwaves and microchips convince us that everything should be fast and easy. However, nothing important is fast or easy. It is hard. For those of us wanting to do great things in this world, we must pack for a long and difficult road.

Even the things that make your life easy were hard to make. The microwave was a commercial failure for the first 20 years after its invention. It took scientists a decade to create a working model of the microchip. Great work equals hard work.

The past decade has clarified this truth for me. In the last ten years I have:

Attempted to start movements on multiple university campuses (with positive and negative results)
Became a husband
Written and recorded an album
Became a father (x3)
Moved to a foreign country
Learned a new language
Written and published a book
Led a multi-cultural team
Worked in a second culture

All of these things were (and continue to be) difficult. But I did them because I want to do the important work God has for me. Even if it is hard.

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The purpose of this blog: Doing Hard Things

I recently asked a friend how I should focus my blog. He said, “I think a sweet spot for you is creative/enterprising leadership in the face of serious challenges.”

I want to help people face their challenges—to do hard things. In fact, I was thinking of using that phrase, “do hard things,” as a theme until I discovered it is already in use. But that is the main idea.

The blogosphere is full of self-help sites. That is not what I am proposing.

This is not “Five Easy Steps to a successful life,” but encouragement to continue down the long, hard road.

This is not “Be a better you,” but a challenge to find your role in a bigger story.

This is not sunshine and roses, but a beautiful day at the end of the hard-fought battle.

This is what I most enjoy writing about. This is the life I am trying to live. This is how I would like to focus my blog.

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How you can help?

(1) Do you have any thoughts to help me make this purpose more clear? Does this focus resonate with you?
(2) What is another (uncopyrighted) way to say the main idea: “do hard things”?
(3) Is there a need for a blog like this?
(4) Is this the kind of blog you would enjoy reading and/or contributing to?

Go to the Facebook Group and let me know what you think.